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  • Amanda C. Hill, M.A.

Effective Lead Generation: 3 Simple Tips for Conversion

Lead generation through a company's website is an integral part of doing business in the digital age. However, your company is competing with many others for attention and business, and to optimize your digital marketing strategy, you need to draw in visitors and convert them into leads, then clients. Below are three simple ideas that serve as powerful conversion tactics.

1. Create a Lead Magnet

Obtaining contact information from visitors to your website is a crucial part of inbound marketing, as it provides a way for you to share information and create a sense of familiarity. To get around the reluctance people have towards sharing their email addresses, use what digital marketers call a lead magnet. Simply put, this is a free gift you offer to people in exchange for their contact information. Popular options include an educational e-book, webinar, or short interview. These offers are more convincing than a traditional sign-up button, as they provide an immediate reward for sharing contact information. They also send the message that your future communications will be helpful for the subscriber, which entices them to open the emails you send.

2. Make Your Message Mobile-Friendly

Many of your potential leads are performing their online browsing through mobile phones or tablets. Customizing your website to these users increases the likelihood of lead conversion. Mobile phones provide a convenient way to call or email you once visitors are convinced that your company can meet their needs. To avoid losing their attention (and potential business), make sure they are able to navigate your website easily from their phones. Increase the chances of them contacting you by providing them with multiple options for communication, such as a prominently displayed phone number, a contact form, or a live chat button.

3. Provide Useful Content

The more information visitors can obtain from your website, the greater the likelihood that they will return and eventually become new clients or customers. Provide information that is relevant to them rather than focusing only on your products or services. For example, if you sell health products, a blog with useful nutrition or exercise tips explained in layman's terms gives people a reason to visit your website again, and it can prompt them to refer others to it as well.

Never miss a chance to turn a curious reader into a regular visitor. By enticing people to keep visiting your website, you maximize your chances to convert leads into happy customers, create a larger online presence for your company, and grow your business.


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