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It’s not just a logo; it’s your promise. Your brand embodies who you are and its consistent implementation leads to equity, which results in trust from your customer and motivates them to buy.

Persona driven creative campaigns tailored to your customers’ needs builds their confidence in your brand. We will focus on defining the how, what, where, when and to whom we are communicating to and build creative best suited for your targets. The works below visualize this approach and its application across a multitude of channels.

Amanda's role in the projects featured included, but was not limited to: Marketing and Creative Director, Designer, and Copywriter/Editor. Creative for Easton Park was produced in collaboration with L&P Marketing; final products are property of L&P Marketing and Brookfield Residential. Creative for KW MAPS Coaching was produced in collaboration with their internal marketing team; final products are property of Keller Williams Realty. Featured projects are showcased to illustrate skill set and leadership. They may not demonstrate final products which are property of associate companies.

Marketing/Creative Director & Graphic Designer: Amanda Hill  Graphic Designer: Jody Worthington  

Copywriting: Amanda Hill & Kate Rutledge Marketing Consultant: L&P Marketing Photography: Stock & Statesman Media

Creative & Marketing Director: Amanda Hill  Lead Designer: Caitlin Macintosh  Graphic Designer: Ashley Rogers, Swava Pearl,

& Amanda Hill  Copywriter: Amanda Hill  Photography: Stock

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