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Amanda C. Hill (ACH Studios) is a freelance senior marketer and designer based out of Austin, Texas. She thrives when wearing many hats and she has a true passion for big-picture strategy through tactical execution. Amanda is a versatile professional with a robust background spanning the finance, technology, real estate, consumer goods, publishing, art and design industries. Her strengths are identifying wicked problems, strategizing novel positioning for tired brands, proposing cost effective ideas and executing multifaceted campaigns.

With a Master’s Degree in Design Management from SCAD - The University for Creative Careers, Amanda is committed to inspiring design thinking, innovation and delivering cutting-edge solutions. As a strategic marketer with 15 years of experience, she has a unique ability to produce highly creative results while keeping a keen eye on the constraints of a budget.


With a mission to inspire the production of innovative solutions by integrating design as a process into business models at the level of strategy, tactics and operations, Amanda uses the principles of design to facilitate design thinking within organizations who are seeking an operational change. Such thinking involves approaching business challenges as wicked problems, which are solved to enhance human life, user relationships, ecology, economic and financial returns. To solve these challenges, research, ideation and the implementation of iterative processes are undertaken in order to achieve cutting-edge, human focused solutions for a quickly evolving and customer focused economy.

Amanda will maintain an abstract understanding of innovation and its affect on people and society because this is essential when integrating creativity and design into business, community and cultural entities. Her research of innovation, its qualifiable components for success, role in society and its effect on the individual and culture, will be continuous to expand any conceivable notions or assumptions.


As a leader for creativity, Amanda aims to synchronize individuals of corporate culture, those who commonly misunderstand one another in order to cultivate progressive growth and innovation. She facilitates creative teams made of players in and outside of the marketing and design industries. She acts as a liaison of “entities” embodying the role of “communicator” for internalized ideas; the realized and unrealized. Her passion is cultivating innate knowledge and skill, growing creative potential and encouraging its development as a physical concept. Any form. Any function.


The facilitation of collaborative teams

Once a wicked problem has been established, the first phase of Amanda's process is to lead the conceptual development and ideation of solutions. And once brainstorm tactics and ideative sessions are complete, she creates a timeline and breaks down the project into specific phases, tasks and assigns responsibilities. Such tasks are then assigned to the team with a goal of strategy and efficiency.


Understanding the user through research

In order to fully understand a unique domain, it is critical to perform research and to observe real people engaging with products and doing real tasks. By observing users and asking them probing questions, Amanda aims to uncover the true goals and tasks users are attempting to complete, while identifying shortcomings in existing design of products and business models.


Integration of the design process

Integration of design as a process into business requires that Amanda acts as a “super networker and communicator” to ensure the most effective flow of information to the working team, particularly with regard to a client’s vision. Because she is trained to speak all languages unbiased, Amanda works critically to promote clear communication and understanding amongst all sides: business, creative and client.


Maintaining collaborative culture for change

Since Amanda is familiar with business and design, her strategic placement into organizations as a catalyst for change is key to achieving an institutional shift driving innovation. Her role is to engage a variety of stakeholders in the creative process, while integrating the different functions and disciplines strategically to deliver novel solutions.


Visualizing ideas, data and solutions

Visualizing ideas is a form of thinking that designers use to come to terms with a business problem. It is a key element in her process, which leads to the exploration of new ideas, testing and prototyping of different solutions. Amanda's ultimate goal is to visually communicate ideas throughout the process and to deliver a final presentation visualizing the end result for the client.

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