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Local and nationwide events grow your brand’s awareness, Amanda will support your event’s needs ranging from booth design, décor, signage, collateral, incentives, set-up and breakdown.

As we develop your marketing strategy, she will recommend local and nationwide events to grow your brand’s awareness and to drive the generation of new leads. The works featured below provide a glimpse into what’s possible for your event.

Amanda's role in the projects featured included, but was not limited to: Marketing, Event and Creative Director, Designer and Copywriter/Editor. Creative for Easton Park was produced in collaboration with L&P Marketing; final products are property of L&P Marketing and Brookfield Residential. Creative for KW MAPS Coaching was produced in collaboration with their internal marketing team; final products are property of Keller Williams Realty. Featured projects are showcased to illustrate skill set and leadership. They may not demonstrate final products which are property of associate companies.

Creative Director: Amanda Hill   Graphic Designer: Amanda Hill   Copywriter: Amanda Hill

Creative Director: Amanda Hill    Marketing & Event Director: Amanda Hill   

Graphic Designer: Amanda Hill   Copywriter: Amanda Hill

Marketing & Creative Director: Amanda Hill  Event Director: Crystal Picciano   

Graphic Designer: Caitlin Macintosh   Copywriter: Amanda Hill

 Marketing & Creative Director: Amanda Hill   Event Director: Rika Zuniga   

Graphic Designer: Swava Pearl   Copywriter: Amanda Hill

Marketing & Event Director: Stephanie Hopkinson   Graphic Designer: Amanda Hill   Copywriter: Stephanie Hopkinson

Marketing & Event Director: Adair Hill   Graphic Designer: Amanda Hill   Copywriter: Adair Hill

Marketing & Event Director: Jennifer Estep  Creative Director: Karen Cattan   

Graphic Designer: Amanda Hill   Copywriter: Whitney Gorman

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