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We live in an economy driven by the internet and mobile technology with connected consumers surfing 24/7. Leveraging this non-linear approach is vital for your brand to thrive in today’s marketplace.

Rich media will be used to market your brand online---your reach will be infinite. Methods include: websites, display ads, SEO, SEM, PPC, SERPS, Google AdWords, MMS, SMS, applications, content automation, etc.

Amanda's role in the projects featured included, but was not limited to: Marketing and Creative Director, Designer, and Copywriter/Editor. Creative for Easton Park was produced in collaboration with DigiTech and L&P Marketing. Creative for Acute Financial, Brookfield Residential, KW MAPS Coaching, Keller Williams Realty, Nielsen Bainbridge Group, Oxford Commercial and SCAD was produced in collaboration with their internal marketing teams; final products are property thereof. Featured projects are showcased to illustrate skill set and leadership. They may not demonstrate final products which are property of associate companies.

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