As new leads enter your sales funnel, they will be placed onto email tracks delivering value-add content based on their needs, interests and preferences.

Marketing automation tailored to your segment’s needs will provide more bang for your buck than the historic email blast or one-off. Amanda will strategize campaigns based on your audience’s pain points and schedule sends within your automation software. The examples below are only a snippet of what’s possible.

Amanda's role in the projects featured included, but was not limited to: Marketing and Creative Director, Email Designer, and Copywriter/Editor. Creative for Easton Park was produced in collaboration with L&P Marketing; final products are property of L&P Marketing and Brookfield Residential. Creative for KW MAPS Coaching was produced in collaboration with their internal marketing team; final products are property of Keller Williams Realty. Featured projects are showcased to illustrate skill set and leadership. They may not demonstrate final products which are property of associate companies.