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  • Amanda C. Hill, M.A.

Three Types of Social Media Any Business Should Be Using

Social media plays a vital role in any marketing strategy today, so if you want to find success, you should not underestimate this means of communication. You might wonder about the best approach for posting your social media content. Here are three types of social media that are critical for businesses.

Social networks

Social networks are a source of new information that many people now use on a daily basis. How can you use this to your business' advantage? You should think strategically about where you want to be found, and create a schedule of your posts for different social networks on a daily basis because people tend to forget about the things they do not see regularly. But don't be annoying; find a golden mean that will work for you.

Blogs and publishing networks

Blogs and other publishing sources are a perfect way to be noticed by potential customers. The plan is to find a terrific blogger who has a broad audience, and, after that, create a good marketing strategy for your company. Do not just advertise your product; be creative and make your advertising be hidden and not strike people's eyes. You should also consider the intervals of postings, but, frankly, the quality is more important than quantity.

Internet forums

An Internet forum is a place full of your potential buyers, who are in search of some information. How can you use this? Ideally, you should search for the thematic forums that are relative to the service you provide or the products you sell and create a discussion around your brand. The more readers you engage, the more profit you can get, but do not forget that this is an ongoing process that you need to do every day.

Here we have considered three types of social media that are the most lucrative for many businesses. Don't worry if some of your strategies won't work for a short period, but experiment with them and remember that once you have your following, the wheel will keep rolling on its own.


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